2024 Summer Collection

We are so excited to share our 2024 clothing line with all of you!

After our nostalgia line last summer, we thought we would take it back in time with some vintage meets camp chic vibes this year! The color palette of vintage meets camp chic reflects Walden’s bounty—think earthy tones inspired by the bold white pines. The 2024 line isn't just about style—it's about embracing the freedom of self-expression and the thrill of new experiences. Whether you're scaling the wall, paddling across Red Pine Lake, or simply lounging by the waterfront, our clothing line is designed to keep you comfortable and confident every step of the way.

We have partnered again with our dedicated clothing partner, Bledin & Co. formally The Bureau Agency, and they showed up with our Adult and Youth Line along with our “dad” hat!! They believe that it's everyone’s job to give back and help those in need. To do their part, a percentage of each sale is donated to charitable organizations supporting youth mental health.

We can’t forget our crew over at Rightsleeve who brought our long time vision of cozy camp socks to life! This crew throws convention to the wind, and we are here for it!

Clothing is all cozy and camp friendly! Each piece has a full description including garment details and even some photos of our camp family sporting the new goods! Each model’s size is indicated in the description so you can gauge sizes for you and/or your camper.

We are taking your pre-orders now! See below instructions 

We will also be selling all of this merch at Walden in the City on May 26th at Willow Wood Public School so if you want to come and try some pieces on and get access to them even earlier we would love to see you! 

When checking out:

  • If you are a DAY 1 Camper: please indicate "deliver to camper at camp (or ship for free if for whatever reason that becomes not possible)"
  • If you are not (e.g.  alumni etc.): please indicate "standard shipping" and include shipping address. Note that clothing will be shipped mid-end June.

PLEASE NOTE: Campfire Players MUST be shipped to your house so that you can program them appropriately prior to your camper using them. We can not have them shipped to camp as we can not program them on your behalf.