2021 Collection

We still have some of our 2021 collection available! 

Here is our recap from our 2021 collection! 

We directed an extra dose of (pent up) campy, creative energy at our clothing line this year. We embraced the tie dye trend with open hearts and focused our efforts on supporting as many local small businesses as we could!

Our loyal and dedicated clothing partner, Red Path Apparel, pulled out all the stops to support 6 different small businesses during the curation of our clothing line. Redpath is more than just an apparel company. They believe that it's everyone’s job to give back and help those in need. In order to do their part, a percentage of each sale is donated to charitable organizations supporting youth mental health.

The clothing is 100% organic cotton and made in Toronto! We had it delivered, to the very talented Amy Awerbuck at Camp Moms, to have every single piece hand dyed in a unique way. While all that was happening, our amazing graphic designer, Cordia Chan at Karma Collective, worked with us to bring our 2021 Wildflowers theme to life!

We belong among the wildflowers…
We belong somewhere we feel free…